Turbo 3.6S

At the end of 964 production Porsche had some 90 Turbo chassis left in stock and these were assembled by Porsche Exclusiv as Turbo 3.6S cars. Records would indicate that 76 of these were built with the flat nose, or Flachbau, and 13 with the standard nose. The engine, now designated M64/50S, developed 385bhp and benefitted from a new four pipe sports exhaust system.

There were a number of body changes for the Turbo 3.6S including the addition of air inlets in both rear flanks to aid engine cooling as well as a redesigned front and rear spoiler. Many components forward of the front wheels were redesigned to accomodate the flat nose changes - even down to the screen wash reservoir and the air conditioning condenser.

The headlights fitted to the Flachbau cars were the pop-up units from the 968 and the vast majority of these cars went to the US and Japan.

Care should be taken to not confuse the 1992 Turbo S and the 1994 Turbo 3.6S - they are very different cars with very different aims.

There is a very authoratative web site run by Mark Smith at www.flachbau.com


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