1991 saw the introduction of the first 964-based Turbo, albeit using basically the same 3.3 litre power unit carried over from the 930. With a single turbocharger, a fixed rear wing, bigger brakes and a wide body, the 964 Turbo had the benefits of all independent suspension, ABS brakes and the same advanced heating system of the 964. The 1991 M30/69 engine was basically carried over from the 1989 930 Turbo model (930/68) albeit with a slightly lower boost level, a different turbocharger and a larger intercooler. Power was up from 300bhp to 320bhp.

The Turbo was the first of the 964 family to be shipped with the wide body and utilised alternate front mounts for the suspension cross members and different rear trailing arms. The rear suspension differences accounted for the greater offset of the Turbo's rear wheels which needed spacers to be fitted if put on to a normal narrow bodied Carrera 2 or 4. . It was also fitted as standard with the new style "Aero" rear view mirrors and 17" Design 92 (Cup) wheels. It should be noted that the 964 Turbo is often wrongly referred to as a 965 - it's not. The 965 was a prototype 4WD car which was never put into production.

Photos courtesy of Vince Williams

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