Carrera RS

1992 saw the introduction of the track oriented Carrera RS. With many of the "creature comforts" stripped out the RS offered manual steering, lowered suspension, drilled brake rotors, a seam welded bodyshell and a slightly more powerful (260bhp) engine. Also contributing to the weight reduction were aluminium bonnet, stripped interior trim and 17" Cup-style magnesium alloy wheels. The wheels are unique to the Carrera RS and still much coveted to this day.

The RS also benefitted from a 12lbs lightweight single mass flywheel which resulted in the engine having a more responsive characteristic although the Carrera 2 dual mass flywheel was retained for the RS Touring. Along with the introduction of the RS model the standard Carrera 2 and 4 models benefitted frorm the change to the more aerodynamic "Aero" door mirrors and the Cup style 16" alloy wheels. 17" Cup wheels were offered as an option but they were not the magnesium variety as fitted to the RS cars.

Three versions of the RS were produced - the Basic Lightweight version, the Touring version and the race-oriented NGT version. There were numerous differences between the versions including the availability of a roll cage and a long range fuel tank (only in LHD version). All versions used the high powered hydraulic braking from the Carrera 4 . Optional equipment was wide and varied so it's rare to find two identical cars.

Martin Lawrence runs the 964RS Database which currently holds details of more than 500 Carrera RS cars Worldwide. Click on the logo opposite to view or add your car.

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