RS America

The RS America is, despite it's name, NOT like the RoW Carrera RS. It was based on the standard Carrera 2 albeit with some weight saving measures such as the deletion of power steering and an RS-style interior with no rear seats etc. Shipped with the standard 250bhp M64/01 engine the car was primarily designed for the US market although there is some evidence that some, at least, stayed in Europe.

The US dealers optioned the cars quite heavily so most have air conditioning fitted along with stereo systems and sunroof etc. In addition, the cars were fitted with a fixed rear spoiler instead of the electric automatic one.

Despite the original claim that the cars were 200lbs lighter than a standard US Carrera 2 the reality was that most delivered cars were only 50lbs lighter - or, put another way, the same weight as a standard RoW Carrera 2!!

The video to the right is a Motor Week road test of the RS America aired for the first time in 1993.

There is a lot more information specifically about the RS America on a dedicated web site at

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