Carrera 2

With the Carrera 4 being considered a "step-too-far" for many 911 purists at the time - and still so 20 years later - Porsche introduced the rear wheel drive variant, the Carrera 2, a year later for the 1990 Model Year.

Coincident with the introduction of the Carrera 2 the factory introduced some familiar body styles in the Cabriolet and Targa to accompany the Coupe. Some technical changes were introduced at the same time to address issues with transmission harshness which consisted of the adoption of a 30lb dual mass flywheel (manufactured by Freudenberg) coupled to the G50 five speed manual gearbox which had been carried over from the 1989 3.2 Carrera.

The dual mass flywheel design was also carried over to the Carrera 4 of that year but sufferered significant failures in the early years and was replaced in the Carrera 2 during the 1992 Model Year with a unit manufactured by LUK. The Carrera 4 continued to use a modified Freudenberg unit until the end of the model life in 1994 although the later LUK unit was approved for use in the C4.

Additionally, the Carrera 2 was offered with the optional A50 4-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. This transmission was never offered on the 4WD Carrera 4.

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