America GS

The America GS Hardtop Roadster is included here for completeness as it was built as a one-off for a customer in the US. It was finally delivered in 1994 and has been the subject of considerable investment in both materials and labour as a research and development project for the development of civilian and other vehicle components and systems in advanced materials.

In the interceding years the car has been fitted with countless new parts made of carbon fibre, specialty aluminium alloys, titanium, beryllium and even more exotic materials but the overall appearance of the car has been kept a well guarded secret. Occasional glimpses have been seen on Rennlist from time to time but rarely, if ever, has a full body shot been seen - yet!!

Through the use of light weight materials the America GS will, complete with full luxury and safety equipment, weigh less than 1000 kg -- significantly below what it did when it left the factory -- and, with a 6 cylinder normally aspirated air cooled engine producing in excess of 400 HP, will have an impressive power to weight ratio.

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