Turbo 3.6

Also introduced in 1993 was the long expected Turbo 3.6. Now using the turbocharged version of the 3.6 litre engine albeit with still one spark plug per cylinder, the new car produced 355 bhp compared to the 320bhp of the earlier 3.3 litre car. Subtle differences such as the use of the RS rear bumper cover and 18" Speedline alloy wheels easily identify the Turbo 3.6 (as well as the obvious badge on the back!!). A reprint of an article from Fast Lane magazine of April 1993 is available here.

Throughout the production years of 1993/4 only approximately 1100 ROW cars were produced and around 750 US cars. Of these it is reckoned that only 42 RHD versions came to the UK.

The ROW version of the Turbo 3.6 had different suspension when compared to the US version, riding some 20mm lower, and used many RS suspension parts.

At the end of production Porsche had some 90 Turbo chassis left in stock and these were assembled as Turbo 3.6S cars. Records would indicate that 76 of these were built with the flat nose, or Flachbau and 13 with the standard nose. The engine, now designated M64/50S, developed 385bhp and benefitted from a new four pipe sports exhaust system

John Ashcroft runs a register for the Turbo 3.6 cars at www.964turbo36.co.uk

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