1993 celebrated the 30th anniversary of the launch of the 911 and to mark the event Porsche produced a limited edition of the 964 - often referred to as the "Jubilee" or "Celebration" model. With only 911 examples produced in a limited choice of exterior colours (Viola, Polar Silver and Amethyst) the "Jubilee" had a very high specification with full leather interior, 4 wheel drive, airbags and air conditioning. Every example was built as a wide bodied coupe and each had a uniquely numbered plaque on the rear parcel shelf to indicate it's place in the series of 911 cars. There were rumoured to be an elusive 12 cars of the 911 which were finished differently but information is very scarce. There is definitely at least one car of the series which was painted Guards Red at the factory. Commanding a significant price premium over the standard Carrera 4, the Anniversary models are very sought after and rarely come up for sale

Thomas Englert runs the Jubilee Register in Germany where he maintains records for many of the surviving Jubilee cars. The Register can be accessed at (click on the banner below) and Thomas can be contacted by e-mail here.

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The photograph to the right (courtesy of Richard Healy) shows the unique chrome 911 badge on the rear and the wide body which the Anniversary cars shared with the 964 Turbo. Because of the wide body the Anniversary cars share the same suspension mounts and trailing arms as the Turbo cars but not the stiffer suspension or larger brakes.

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