America Roadster

The America Roadster is a special version of the Carrera 2 Cabriolet with a wide, turbo-style body.. For the US market only - the RoW version was released as a simple Carrera 2 variation - Only 326 were sold to the US market whereas more than 1206 RoW versions were sold - mostly in Germany.

One slightly unusual feature of the wide bodied Cabriolet was that, unlike the wide bodied Coupe produced as the Anniversary model, the Cabriolet was fitted with brakes and the hydraulic brake booster as fitted to the Turbo cars although retained the electric automatic spoiler as fitted to the rest of the normally aspirated range.

Often referred to as a WTL (Werks Turbo Look), these cars were all produced during the 1992 and 1993 Model Years with the exception of 4 cars produced in the 1994 Model Year..

Norbert Franz runs a worldwide Register for the Turbo-Look cars at

The picture to the right shows a European version of the WTL Cabriolet (actually Norbert Franz's own car) which emphasises the wide body stance of the car. The America Roadster only differs slightly from the European car in that different, US-style, bumpers are fitted and the model badge on the rear uniquely showed "Roadster". The European versions were badged as "Carrera 2" with no special badging.

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