Carrera 2 Targa Florio

Towards the end of Model Year 1993 production the Porsche factory had a number of 964 Targa bodies in stock - the Targa being the least popular body style for the 964.

These units were shipped from the production facility to Porsche Exclusiv who designed a special interior for the cars - designated "Florio" to commemorate the Porsche successes in the long distance race that bears the same name. The interior consisted of a full leather trim with the Porsche emblem embossed into many surfaces and the Targa posts had the "Florio" emblem embossed into them. All of these cars were converted to right hand drive and shipped to the UK although there is little information as to how many cars were so modified. Because of the exclusivity of the Targa Florio model they tend to justify slightly higher prices when they come up for sale. There is a lot of information about the Targa Florio race and Porsche's successes on the Porsche Web site - click here to link directly to it.

David Bentley's Midnight Blue example is shown here. Note that the standard wheels on the Targa Florio would have been the 16" Cup wheels. David's car has had the Turbo Twist (Cup 3) style added at a later date.

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