In the last year of 964 production, 1994, Porsche released what could be considered the normally aspirated swansong of the era - the 964 Speedster. Although there were obviously plans to produce significant numbers of Speedsters - three thousand VINs were allocated - substantially fewer actually made it through production and sale. Built on the Cabriolet chassis the vast majority of Speedsters were narrow bodied but approximately 15 cars were converted to wide bodied and more than 900 were shipped to the US with less than 600 for the rest of the World.

Mechanically identical to a Carrera 2 the significant difference with the Speedster is the roof arrangement and the ability for the windscreen to be removed. Interior trim is similar to the RS and they have special bucket seats fitted.

Speedsters of the previous incarnation, the 3.2 litre car of 1989 are seen from time to time at many shows up and down the country, but it is quite rare to catch sight of a 1994 964 Speedster. Many are kept in collections and rarely see the light of day - except on Concours events!!


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