Carrera Cup

The Carrera Cup cars were introduced for the Porsche Cup racing series in in Germany in 1991 and were primarily sold to racing teams for participation in that Series. All were produced as left hand drive and relatively few have been converted for road use since.

The cars were subjected to an extensive weight saving program with the removal of anything considered superfluous and with the substitution of magnesium alloy wheels the kerb weight was reduced to 1120 kilos compared to the 1350 kilos of a road-ready Carrera 2.

In 1992 Porsche intended running the Carrera Cup Series of races in the US and 45 cars were shipped to Andial Racing in Santa Ana, California to be prepared. Unfortunately no sponsor could be found for the Series and it was cancelled. Even so, many of the cars were converted for road use.

In 2007, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the birth of the Carrera RS - the road-going equivalent of the Carrera Cup cars - Tony Carey published a book entitled "Porsche Carrera RS -The Fifteen Year Rise of a Track Day Icon" (ISBN 0-9547169-3-0). In that book Porsche Club GB's 964RS Register Secretary, Melvin Spear, wrote a history of the Cup Car. A copy of that article can be found here with the permission of Tony and Melvin.

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