Carrera 4

The history of the 964 is short - and complex. Launched for Model Year 1989 out of a desire by Porsche to make a 911 with better road manners than had previously been the case, the 964 was bequeathed the remnants of the 4 wheel drive system designed originally for the spectacular Porsche 959. Significantly reduced in complexity from the 959 (see the 959 picture in the C4 Gallery), the permanent 4WD system of the first Carrera 4 was surprisingly capable for it's era.

With electronic control of both rear and centre differentials the Porsche Dynamische Allrad Steuerung (PDAS for short) reined in control of the tendency of the wheels to slip or skid, making the Carrera 4 hugely safe in all weather conditions.

Using a 3.6 litre version of the 6 cylinder air cooled boxer engine producing 250bhp, the 1989 C4 is unique in using a 19lb single mass flywheel, which gives it a very slight edge over later models although it does also carry the burden of unique bell housing and starter motor assembly because of it.

Originally released with square "flag" door mirrors and 16" Design 90 alloy wheels the Carrera 4 was launched into a struggling economic climate and sales of less than 3200 Worldwide were achieved for Model Year 1989..

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