Turbo S

The 3.3 litre 964 Turbo S was a very special car, built in very limited numbers in 1992. It was only produced as an RoW car and none were shipped to the US. Using a much modified engine, now designated the M30/69SL, producing 381bhp, the Turbo S chassis had much more in common with the lightweight Carrera RS with many of the components reduced or eliminated in the interests of saving weight. Manual window winders were fitted instead of electric and lightweight seats were a standard fitment.

With lowered suspension, manual steering, and a front suspension strut brace as standard, the Turbo S was all about pure performance. It was also the first 964 to be fitted with the 18" Speedline wheels.

As few as 80 cars were produced - all as LHD - although a small number (including the example shown below) were converted by the factory to RHD post-production.

The 3.3 litre Turbo S is a very different machine when compared with the later, 1994 3.6 litre Turbo S. The 3.3 litre car was much more of a lightweght from the outset, whereas the 1994 car had all of the creature comforts of air conditioning, leather trim and electric windows included as standard.


The car in the pictures here was originally owned by Nick Faldo and has been sold several times since his ownership - twice to new owners in Hong Kong. It was most recently sold for a price approaching £100,000. with around 15,000 miles on the odometer.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Mearns of Gmund Cars

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